Tweet2Post Twitter Cluster


Tweet2Post is a WordPress plugin that allows you to import tweets as posts. You can define hashtags to control which tweets are imported, you have the option to link hashtags to post categories, and you can define a default category for post without a category hashtag. Tweet2Post is an awesome content generator that can run on full auto-pilot, filling your website with relevant information. Best of all – it’s free!

Why use Tweet2Post?

  • A simple way to archive, categorize, and display imported tweets as post on your website.
  • Easily update your website with content relevant to your site visitors and their interests.
  • Your tweets flow naturally with the rest of your website content.
  • Search engines love sites that are updated regularly – depending on the import frequency, this could have a positive effect on your site’s Search Engine ranking.

Custom Post Type

You can define a Custom Post Type with custom categories, so imported tweets are outside of your regular posts structure.

Automatic Imports

The automatic import can be scheduled to run every 1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes, as well as on a hourly and daily basis.

SEO Friendly

All posts will use a sanitized version of the tweeted text to create a Search Engine Friendly URL for each imported tweet.

Category Hashtags

You can define multiple hashtags per category to ensure all relevant tweets are imported.

Geo Location

The plugin saves available location details from each tweet, making map integration easy.

Demand Media

You can choose to only import tweets that come with media, such as a photo or a video.